Floyd, Virginia, at the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is known for its eclectic mix of artisans and musicians, long time natives, farmers, retirees and homesteaders seeking a sustainable lifestyle.   On the Crooked Road, Virginia's heritage music trail, Floyd is home to the weekly Friday Night Jamboree at the historic Floyd Country Store.  Bluegrass and Old-Time players from nine to ninety spill out of the store and onto the sidewalks of this small and funky mountain town. 



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A walk through this one stop light, two-block town leads to a surprising number of galleries, coffee shops and the Harvest Moon, a longtime thriving health food co-op surrounded by beautiful rural country side. Antique shops, music stores, great restaurants and a large number of art galleries are all located in Floyd's small downtown area.   Although you could easily walk through town in about five minutes, you are more than likely to wander and stroll,  marvelling at all the exciting storefronts, eateries and shops that comprise Downtown Floyd.  Visit during summer months and be a part of the FloydFest scene, a premier music and arts festival that showcases well known performers as well as world and regional artists, another music scene that has put Floyd on the map for in-the-know Festival and music lovers.  Check out www.floydfest.com for more information on the not to be missed FloydFest experience.

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Floyd County, 383 square miles of rural beauty in the Blue Ridge Mountains of SW Virginia.  

Life at 2,500 feet, back roads following meandering creeks, breathtaking vistas, wildlife and the electic mountain culture infuse every aspect of life in Floyd, Va.  Thirty one miles of the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway form the eastern border of the county which is comprised of mountains, valleys, ridges and small streams.  Interestingly, all local streams, rivers and springs have their sources here as all water and headwaters arise within Floyd County and flow out.  Real estate in Floyd County remains very desirable even in a slow economy, in fact Floyd just earned a spot on Mother Earth News' "Great Places You've (Maybe) Never Heard Of'" list.  Mother Earth News, the leading magazine dedicated to sustainable living, listed Floyd amongst six communities featured in the February-March 2011 issue.  Mother Earth News decided to feature Floyd because of the back-to-the-land community thriving with green businesses, artisans and local food producers, in addition to the beautiful location in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Enjoy outdoor activities in NE Floyd County at Bottom Creek Gorge, hike 1000 acres owned and protected forever by the Nature Conservancy. 




If you are seeking a better way of life, a sense of small town community and respite from a hurried and modern world, Floyd invites you. Many have arrived as a tourist but remain captivated until they return to make Floyd County home.  Floyd Virginia Land, a division of Keystone Design, Inc., offers the most diverse selection of beautiful unique real estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, VA.  Not real estate agents, but landowners having a true passion to protect and steward the land of SW Virginia for future generations, we can help you whether you are looking for rural mountain land, farmland, land for hunting or retirement or a mountaintop community.  We would consider it a priviledge to introduce you to the most beautiful land in Floyd County, VA.   And welcome home. 



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