April 17, 2013

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 If you, Gentle Reader, permit me a sweeping generalization, honour me thusly.  (Oh, my.  Don't ever let me read 17th century English poetry early in the morning and then try to blog. I don't want to be the one to give you just cause to upchuck your oatmeal.)

But the word is out: American vacations have evolved. The days of the $13,000 "Grande Tour" are pretty much done for. Trends are currently post simple living and a couple of decades past extravagant living. It is not a popular choice to spend too much money, even if you have it.  It is the era of the smart vacation.

Don't get me wrong; people still want to retreat. We all work hard and hopefully are wise enough to store up a bit to reward us for our labor.  We do that differently in 2013.  

A few years ago we built a cabin in the woods. Electricity runs off a generator and we "take our toilet" in an old-fashioned privy. We warm our french-pressed coffee from a kettle on the woodstove. 

The little cabin is quite beautiful. Lots of found lumber and some gorgeous wormy chestnut trim board that we were lucky enough to discover in an old barn that we own.  

We've also discovered some like minded folk who are looking for land in Floyd County to build their dream cabin.  Not a dream mansion, mind you; but we've found that most of the time we spend at the cabin is outside anyway.  We wanted something comfortable, smart and affordable.  Did I mention we have just the land for your secret retreat?

Please indulge me one final time.

In the words of Abraham Cowley who wrote this way back before off the grid became mainstream cool.  Like he died in 1667   or something.  

"Ah, yet, ere I descent to the grave, may I a small house and large garden have; and a few friends, and many books, both true, both wise, and both delightful too!"