April 25, 2014
Floyd Country Store

The Friday night before Easter brought us to downtown Floyd, trying to show off a little bit of our VirginiaaboutFloydCountryStore.jpg hospitality to a houseguest from Michigan.  Daughter's friend Kim had already wondered why everyone stopped to talk to you as you walk along the street of a town that contains one stop light; and why a quick run in to the Harvest Moon  may involve greeting a half dozen people by name.  It's a small town, Kim.  A small town with a cool vibe and friendly folks.  We started our evening out at Dogtown Pizza, sharing a couple of pies and a couple of Parkway Brewery Get Bent (Mountain) IPAs.  Next we strolled over to the Floyd Country Store, one block down and light years away, where not only Kim was in for culture shock.   

As Emma and her guest mosied towards the dance floor they were swept into a flat-footing frenzy by Friday night jamboree regular Leo, complete with a fresh pair of bib overalls and a frayed hillbilly hat.  Now, I'm not sure where you purchase a new hillbilly hat, but I can tell you I've not seen one for sale amongst the art galleries and cool hippie boutiques that line the other side of the street.   Leo taught the girls the latest swirls while I caught the hilarious action on video.  I wasn't sure if the whole thing wasn't a shtick, but there sure were a lot of tourists enjoying themselves amongst the regulars.  I was torn between cutting the rug myself and trying to explain to the smiling hand-clapping tourists that not everyone in town was a hillbilly.  The dancing won out.  And I'm looking to buy me  a new hat.  

April 9, 2014
Bent Mountain Bistro

The Bent Mountain Bistro,  our new farm-to-table locavore, hangout, meet your neighbors watering hole and restaurant is now up and running!  We are so thankful for the amazing support of the Bent Mountain/Floyd County/Roanoke people  for a restaurant that looks just like our community: smart, artsy, eclectic, locally owned and operated AND delicious.  


My current favorite supper is wood-fired Onion-Bacon pizza served with a Parkway Brewery's "Get Bent" IPA.  Locally sourced carmelized onions, corn and argula topped with some organic Applewood smoked bacon and olive oil.  The crust rivals anybody in town, and even more than passes the muster with this former New Yorker.  


The best part of this new addition to our hamlet is a chance to hang out with the neighbors that you only see a couple times a year.  Now we see each other on a weekly basis; this hasn't happened since they closed our sweet Bent Mountain Elementary.  


So neighbors, take a five minute drive (YES that is right for almost all of us) to the best news we've had on this mountain for a long time.  And yes, we also invite you out for a beautiful drive to head up Bent Mountain and eat with us at the Bistro.